ZEN Petroleum Strengthens its Commitment to Operational Excellence

ZEN Petroleum Strengthens its Commitment to Operational Excellence

ZEN Petroleum has participated in the 2021 edition of the Forecourttech Conference in Alicante, Spain, being the only Oil Marketing Company (OMC) operating in Ghana to have taken part in the conference. ZEN’s participation is a crucial step towards bolstering the international standards that have defined its operations and set the company apart in Ghana’s petroleum downstream sector.

The annual technology focused conference brings together a qualified audience of delegates representing major oil companies, large independent retail operators, and global providers of technologies from around the world to discuss topics focused on technologies and solutions that optimize operations around the mobility hub, convenience stores and the enhancement of customer experience. Among those in attendance at the conference were Tesla Europe, Sprint, Rydpay, and BigBrother International.

Representing ZEN Petroleum at the conference, Retail Director, Prince Awuley, intimated ZEN’s ongoing efforts to operate above international standards, while maintaining the highest standards of customer experience across its operations. He said, “As part of our efforts to stay current with global advancements in the provision of quality fuels and customer service to the ordinary Ghanaian, and to represent Ghanaian excellence on the global stage, it was important for us to ensure that the country had a presence at the prestigious Forecourttech Conference.”  He added, “The customer is the reason ZEN exists, and it is with them in mind that we continue to maintain growth and continued efforts to stay up to date with what is happening around the world.”

ZEN continues its expansion across the country with its newest station at Mallam Gbawe, which boasts of double wall tanks, leak detection, overfill prevention, flame arrestors, oil separators and other key safety features, while providing priority access and parking for persons with disabilities.

ZEN Petroleum continues to maintain a holistic, compliant operations model in creating a world-class retail network, driven by a diverse local team of passionate experts.