Careers at ZEN


100% Ghanaian

ZEN Petroleum’s recruitment process is tailored to attract young talents with the right attitude and competence to deliver the value our customers demand.


At ZEN our recruitment decisions are driven by our Culture and our SHARED Values:



The safety of our employees, customers and environment always comes first and takes precedence over the attainment of all other objectives. We believe that if it cannot be done safely, it cannot be done right. The safe way to do things is the best and most effective way in the long run, and all our actions must reflect this individual and collective commitment.



We individually regard it as a rare opportunity and privilege to work with our colleagues and to serve our customers; doing so brings us pride, esteem and pleasure. We believe that pride in and honour from our individual and collective achievements is our greatest motivator.



We respond more quickly and decisively to anything that concerns the customer. We
work smart without cutting corners. Our responsiveness to our customer’s expectations determines our organisation structure, our processes, our practices, our plans and our product and service offers.



We are a collection of dedicated, hardworking, ordinary people who have teamed up to accomplish extraordinary things. We have very different backgrounds and beliefs but we believe that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.



We promote networks over perceived hierarchies, empowerment over stifling controls. We believe in and foster an enabling environment. We believe in demonstrating leadership at every level and empowering our employees to enhance their personal development and effectiveness, and hence ultimately, their ability to meet the expectations of our customers.



We are known for managing our value chain with the aim of delivering to our customers on time and in full, every time. We constantly push boundaries. We only stand down when the customer says “received, ok”.

Members of the ZEN Team

ZEN Culture is generally characterised by:

  • Friendliness, flexibility, informal but very professional working environment
  • Flat organisation, with easily accessible top management
  • Networking to get the job done, not hierarchy
  • Mainly informal, desk-side, standing, to-the-point meetings
  • Minimalism and results orientation i.e. fewer steps to safe and good quality execution – if a process can be done safely and effectively in 3 steps, we won’t design a 4-step process; if a policy can be effectively communicated in one page, we don’t do it in 3 pages; if a one-line email will suffice, we don’t do spreadsheets
  • Not too many rules, but strict enforcement of the few we have, especially regarding standards, safety and compliance
  • Pragmatism – very few organisations value and balance technical/management skills and common sense like we do


If you find pride and immense satisfaction in your work, are relentless in the pursuit of safe and efficient delivery, and don’t wait or need to be told what to do, because you can make good use of the empowerment that comes with our culture, you will thrive in ZEN.

If you see yourself in the narrative above, then we invite you to explore the exciting career options within our growing business and discover how you can make a difference at ZEN while advancing your career.