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Zen is a leader and reliable partner in the oil & petroleum industry in West Africa

Welcome to Zen Petroleum

ZEN Petroleum is the largest supplier of Gasoil to mines in Ghana with offices in Mali, Burkina Faso and Liberia.

As a West Africa company with a global outlook, international standards and quality products, we pioneer innovative solutions. We were the first oil company to introduce low sulphur (500 ppm) to mining companies in Ghana.

We can assist with the design, build and operation of fuel depots with advanced filtration and dispensing facilities in the remote of mines in West Africa.

Our Strategic alliance with BP International means we can guarantee the availability, supply security and quality of the fuel we supply to our mining customers. BP has a proven, integrated value proposition to the global mining sector that is competitive and replicable across regions. As their regional partner, we can extend this offer to in-country logistics and on-site management giving our customers the peace of mind to concentrate on their business.

We are sole distributor of Castrol lubricants in Ghana.

We are proud of our West African heritage as a professional and reliable partner for mines in the region with a commitment to locally driven business solutions while respecting local customs and adhering to our core values. 


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Products & Services

  • Petroleum Storage

    Zen offers a full range of portable storage solutions and modular pump stations to mines and quarries.
  • Petroleum Management

    Zen Petroleum is well postioned to man storage facilities with our fully trained staff, supervised by a Zen site manager.
  • Petroleum Supply

    We provide the best grade petroleum products, residue free and efficient to the last drop.
  • Lubricants

    We source the most Superior brands of lubricants to ensure efficiency of your heavy duty machinery.
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Why choose Zen Petroleum?

High Volumes

Zen Petroleum supplies over 10 million litres of high quality gasoil every month

Legendary Customer Service

Zen Petroleum has a reputation for excellent customer service and first class Health and Safety practices

Competitive pricing

Zen petroleum's competitive pricing means all our customers make significant savings on fuel bill. Goldfields save over $3m per annum!

Excellent Support & Security

Zen Petroleum can provide security of supply for our clients by arranging to source and store up to 40,000 MT of fuel for our clients.

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Petroleum Prices

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